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The Power of Love

Never wondered how much power he wants to look forward and move forward knowing that let your soul back? Ever wondered how much love you must feel so try to analysis yourself? Ever wondered how much courage it takes to your feelings and ditches to keep your hopes? Ever wondered how hard it is to die every day a little bit? How it hurts the life ... without your life? Did you ever bother to ask yourself who could do all this for you? Close your eyes ... and analogously ... What format appears in front of yours? Which voice do you hear? What the eyes see? What your name goes through your mind? These images inside you ... your soul ... Opened eyes ... and peered with ... Without the look and tell me ... If what I deserved ... This behaviour ... This hatred...

Love is to want each other-not for the exteriors of gifts-but on the inside, these which you discover with time and seeing with the eyes of the heart. Love is pure ... is not dodgy ... It is not jealous and psychotherapy. When you love each other the trust, respect, say the truth. Love does not mean to press, to check ... but to leave you free to choose what they really want. If you love someone you leave him to live as he wants, either with you or apart ... The only thing that matters is to be happy ... where, if it's with anyone though. Darkness not rises when someone you love is gone with the will. To avoid sad feeling when your stays together and you know that it is unhappy. Then Aston to leave, if turn is yours, if not then there was NEVER ... If you love someone the acceptance as is, with the good and the bad, without trying to change it because all that will do is make the persecution away your ... Love is not described with words ... but with deeds ... Love ... such a small Word ... but so great...?

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